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With 16 years of expertise in government projects and superior technical support, we partner with you to enhance your profits and elevate your brand, ensuring competitive advantages in every bid

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Benefit from our 16 years of expertise as we enhance your brand and boost your profits. Trust us to deliver excellence and value, every step of the way

Single-Arm Solar Street Light

Double-Arm Solar Street Light

Single-Arm Street Light

Double-Arm Street Light

High Mast Light

Smart traffic Street Light

All In Two Solar Street Light

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Sunlurio Project

Partnering with us offers the perfect street lighting solutions tailored to your local conditions and national contex

2020-2023 Togo Project: A Monumental Rollout of 12,000 Solar Street Lights。

2015 Angola Project: Delivering Sustainable Illumination with 2800 sets Solar Street Lighting

2019 Guam Project: A Major Leap Forward with 4300 Sets of Solar Street Lights

2012  Qatar Project: Integrating 870 Sets of Solar Street Lights for Community Enhancement

2017 Lebanon Project: A Major Milestone with 1680 Sets of Solar Street Lights Installed

2019 Guam Project: A Major Leap Forward with 4300 Sets of Solar Street Lights

Commercial solar LED lighting solutions are
our specialty. Common applications include

Street & Roadway

See where you are going and improve road safety with solar street and roadway lighting systems.

Parking Lot

We protect businesses and customers by providing security through visibility.

Pathway & Walkways

Illuminate bike paths, walkways, and other high-traffic routes using our solar off-grid lighting systems.

Signs & Billboards

Large & small, internal & external – SEPCO has a variety of solar power solutions that will shower your signs with light.

Area Security

Our commercial solar LED lighting systems promote safety and security in remote areas, perimeters, etc.

Remote Power

We provide reliable remote power where you need it, when you need it - guaranteed.

Our services.

Empowering Your Success with Innovative Solar Solutions and Global Support

Direct Access and Customization

You benefit from purchasing directly from an experienced manufacturer, allowing you to enjoy competitive pricing without intermediaries. With seven integrated workshops, you can personalize every component of your solar street lights to meet your specific needs

Innovation and Market Leadership

You can stay ahead in the market with access to 2-3 new products each year, developed through our innovative R&D center. Your product offerings are protected by 9 design patents, giving you unique dealership opportunities in your region

Global Installation and Quality Assurance

You have the assurance that all your products meet global installation standards with ISO9001, CE, ROHS, TUV, and other certifications, ensuring you can operate in any part of the world, including large-scale government projects in diverse countries. Advanced packaging and shipping protocols ensure that every product arrives in perfect condition

Comprehensive Customer and Technical Support

You receive dedicated technical support from a professional team, both before and after installation, ensuring ongoing quality and service. Our offices in key locations like africa provide you with the direct assistance needed to excel in your market

stephen zhang

Geneal Mnanger Expert in Solar Energy 20years, Specializing in Government Projects

Cindy Wang

The manager of Engineers

Lisa Hu

sale Manager

Mary Zhang

quality Manager

Mia Xu

Project Manager

Sunny Li

Business Manager

Tom Xu

Light Designer

Our Technology Team

  • Custom Solutions: We tailor specific technical plans for each unique project’s needs.
  • Proven Experience: Our team’s extensive field experience guarantees reliable, tested solutions.
  • Strict Quality: We ensure every solution is complete, accurate, and practical through rigorous checks.
  • Innovative Technology: Our cutting-edge solutions keep you ahead in technology.
  • Worker Training: We ensure your team is well-trained for successful project execution.

About Sunlurio

Founded in 2006, Qingdao Hitech New Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yangzhou Borui Electric Lighting Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to solar power products, encompassing R&D, production, and sales. Specializing in road lighting and energy storage lithium-ion batteries, our main offerings include photovoltaic systems, energy storage batteries, and urban road lighting solutions such as solar street lights and traffic lights. With nearly two decades of production and R&D expertise from our parent company, we commit to delivering secure, stable, and high-quality solar products and energy storage solutions across diverse global markets, including Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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In every step of the streetlight production process we are there

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Nowadays it is important to ensure that the products conform to International Certification. The customer states that it will only do business with vendors that are certified compliant, so to get (or keep) the business they need that certification. The customer satisfaction is the first factor that we consider and we care to guarantee the high quality of all our products. The following Solar lights Certificates are the result of our excellent job.

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